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© 2014 Rae Broyles Fine Art

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The Survival of Balance



Rae Broyles​


Music - Danijel Vukovic

Videographic Mixed Media on Wood Panel

Video Element: 1:44 min. loop


Artists Statement about this work:


As women, our own newly learned and yet sometimes imagined empowerment can paradoxically detach us from the love and security we desire. One side we fall to the judgement of the insecure who attempt to place us in a convenient box and on the otherside we fall to submissiveness. We continue to wear our burkas of lip stains and hair tints, young girls continually learning to reach for some mystical media norm. Balance becomes our survival.  Continuing on this path may be the feudal mistake. The world needs women...complete women. Not a partial adjustment to what was the creators intent. Their empathy and open mindedness, lest we fall to the violence brought before us. We need balance between the origin of male and female. Not the balance of self and self defined externally.

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