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White Paper and Flowers


​"White Paper and Flowers"


Rae Broyles​73" x 41"

Videographic Mixed Media on Dibond Panel

Video Element: 7:24 min. loop


(SOLD. Composite Video Available)

Artist Statement about this work:


"The images that are etched in my mind from that morning in September are the white papers falling from the sky like falling souls, and then… the outpouring of love after the tragic events of the day. This videographic piece has been an emotional wandering through the memories of that day. A series of events that not only stole our innocence but has surely laid a new path for future generations. The importance of remembering lies in appreciating our country and the freedom we continue to enjoy: for many of us, so effortlessly. And for those that come after us to be aware and encouraged in their reflection, love and quietness.


In thinking about the title for this piece many thoughts came to mind; one meaningful inspiration being, as my favorite New Yorker John Lennon said, “Nothings Gonna Change my World”. However, the initial spontaneous title remains intact….”White Paper and Flowers”.


The musical score has also taken many turns through the process including a haunting song from Cirque Du Soliel called "Let them Fall".


It is poignant that on September 11th, 2001, I was pregnant with my oldest child Britta, who is seen 10 years after the event, as an element of the work. It is truly her life that I thought of as the day unfolded.


On a tactical note, this piece is not meant to be seen as a video with a quick take away, like a YouTube clip or a clever commercial. It is a calming work that can live in a space where it can grow and be pondered during the time one spends with it. Truly seeing how beauty can even come from epic tragedy.


I hope you enjoy this piece."


Music credits:

Peer Gynt - Aase's Death

Ghianni Schicchi - O mio babbino caro (Lauretta)

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